On "Cathy" Cathryn Johnson

I have always discussed my male protagonists, but I rarely wrote about my female protagonists, who are awesome, strong female characters by the way. Some people have commented that my female protagonists cry a lot, but I personally don't see crying as a weakness, as long as when it comes time to do the right thing or take action, my female protagonists (heroines) step up. Even my male heroes cry from time to time. In my opinion, men should be able to cry as well, and that doesn't make them less macho. It's a way to vent or let out pent-up emotions, anger expression is another one of them.

Now the inspiration for Cathy comes from various sources, and she is an amalgamation of various women that I have met in my life, including myself. I had wanted her to come across as a nerd, but at the same time, I also wanted to highlight her innocence. You can read a thousand books, and amass a ton of knowledge, but still lack the street-smarts. Ultimately, I want her to be relatable. In Claiming You in Eden, I very much realize that I haven't given her a lot of voice in the sense that the book is written largely in third person POV. I'd like to hint that this would dramatically change in the second book in the Brotherhood series, Bound to You in Japan, which is scheduled for publication on December 2020.

If I have to pick an actress to play Cathy, it would be *drum roll*:

Carey Mulligan.

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