On "Alec" Alexandre Kitamura Sousa

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

I have been receiving initial feedback about this character. It is not uncommon for romance novels to feature a sexually immature heroine and a sexually mature hero. As for Alec, the inspiration for him came when a long-term girlfriend of mine made this remark to me:

"We always educate our daughters to stay safe and to protect themselves, but we rarely educate our sons to become better protectors or to be more responsible for their actions." That really resonated with me. So, some readers may protest that Alec was not "ALPHA" enough, but I always felt that being a jerk should not be construed with being masculine. There needs to be a redefinition of masculinity. You can have a really accommodating male protagonist who is not a pushover, and I hope I manage to strike that balance in this character.

And yes, Alec is a halfie. He is Brazilian Japanese. On that note, if I choose an actor to play Alec, it would undoubtedly be *drum roll*:

Rodrigo Santoro.

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