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Updated: Oct 12, 2020

For my third novel, Bound to You in Japan:

I started writing this story in Fall 2018 while I was on a holiday trip to Japan. I wrote the idea for the book while riding on a shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo to Osaka. So, it is basically a story that is long overdue. I have always been fascinated by Japan, its people, its culture, and the Japanese language itself. I think it can give a very romantic backdrop to a love story, and with the Olympics 2021 hopefully on the horizon, people can learn some things about the country from reading my book, before deciding to travel there.

For my second novel, Claiming You in Eden:

I wanted to write an erotic romance novel that is not just about sexual gratification. I thought there are a lot of female readers out there, and I have come to learn a couple of things during my hospital rotations in reproductive and sexual health clinic, psychiatric hospital, and drug and alcohol units that I wanted to share with them. However, I did not want to share it in a dry exposition, say in a self-help book, and I thought of writing erotic romance novels as a way to educate people through a fun, and interesting medium, albeit an unconventional one.

I hope that from my book, people (both men AND women) can learn to enjoy having "safe, sane, and consensual" sex. This book is dedicated to all victims of sexual abuse out there. Hang in there, and you know you will make it in the end!

For my first novel, A Tale of Two Kingdoms:

I have always had this fantasy of the story in my head. Two people met under a particular circumstance, did not realize who each other was, and fell in love. Then, they meet at another occasion, and only then, they have the big reveal of who each other is. From then on, the question is, do they continue loving each other after knowing the truth, or the relationship just fall apart? Although I wrote fiction, there are some parallels in real life. You met someone and you thought you know the person for the longest time, and many many months or years later, you realize that they are not whom you think they are. And how you deal with it then becomes very important. Do you give the other person a second chance? That is why the story of "A Tale of Two Kingdoms" really resonates with me.

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