THE BROTHERHOOD SERIES is out now as comic series!


The long-awaited manga adaptation of Amelia Danver's novels in the Brotherhood series. The story revolves around an undercover CIA agent, Alexandre Kitamura Sousa, who becomes entangled with a university student, Cathy Johnson, during one of his missions. Their journey spans across three different continents, beginning in San Francisco, USA, then to Japan, then to Bali in Southeast Asia, as the pair races against time to uncover the evil deeds of the Brotherhood, an international crime syndicate.


Manga artist:

Chloe Senzai

Derian Davila

Luca Finelli

Tris Ghost

Dwi Rahayu

Koji Yuu

Genre: Crime, Suspense, Action Romance

Praise for the Brotherhood Series:

"A stunning and emotional read from the start. It flows well and before you know it it's finished. This book explores a wide stream of subjects. Upsetting in places but it's not something we should shy away from. Brave and well delivered. More books please." - Sheena Fleming, Author of Watching Over You.

"This is an intense book, which explores many difficult subjects. It was quite difficult to read in places but saying that, the author clearly knows the genre. This will suit fans who have read books of similar themes."- Julia Cowan, Author of Cells.

"Amazing story line, lovely presentation, erotic and classy perfectly blended to capture reader's interest. Character development is deep and complex, especially of the female protagonist. It had me hooked right away, I know a book is good when it takes me away from my everyday world. I would definitely recommend it!"- Diana D. Wild, Author of The Neverending Poems